Elders for Earth

What did you do to stop the chaos and the destruction of life?

About Elders for Earth

ELDERS FOR EARTH was set up in 2019, as an initiative of SHEP Earth Aware(For more information on SHEP Earth Aware, see below.) 

The membership of ELDERS FOR EARTH includes many grandparents and grandaunts and granduncles, but it is open to any adults who choose to consider themselves “elders” (and being grey or bald is not essential!). 

The purpose of ELDERS FOR EARTH is to allow people who are concerned about climate and environmental issues to join together to make their voices heard, especially by politicians and other people in power. Because older people are more inclined to vote, politicians may be especially attentive to their voices. 

Occasional shared actions will be suggested to members of ELDERS FOR EARTH to help raise awareness of earth-related issues.  Members are free to decide which actions they will join.  Actions may include targeted lobbying campaigns with politicians or corporations or businesses,by e-mail, by letter or phone call (more effective), or in face-to-face meetings (most effective). Suggested actions might also include joining occasional rallies or marches. 

ELDERS FOR EARTH is managed by a steering group. Current members of the steering group (2019) are Eileen Lynch, Maureen Lancaster, Jer O’Sullivan, Joan Murphy and Frank Dorr. 

SHEP Earth Aware is a section of the community well-being and development organisation SHEP (The Social and Health Education Project) which has its headquarters in Cork. For further information about SHEP see www.socialandhealth.comSHEP Earth Aware organises various earth-related events, including courses and workshops, talks, conferences, guided nature walks and DVD showings. To be included on its e-mailing list, e-mail shepearthaware@gmail.com. For a more detailed account of SHEP Earth Aware, click on the link above.